Monday, 20 December 2010

Monday, Monday

Morning All

Well it is Monday and less than a week until the big guy in the red suit arrives. Nearly ready here just the food shop to get now, but the dilemma, which day do I brave the crowds and try and get enough food to feed the three thousand lol.
We have snow here in Wiltshire and I awoke on Saturday morning to a lovely white carpet all over the street, I love snow when I don't need to do anything but a week before Christmas, nooooo. Now if I awoke next Saturday to a lovely white carpet that would be better but not ideal as my family have to travel over and they may not get here. My mum said well there is always beans on toast for lunch, now that sounds like heaven and will probably be one of the things I crave over the festive period lol.

Have a safe and warm Monday


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Lavinia said...

Hello! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog about my cards & christmas Dekkies! It was very kind of you and it really cheers me up when someone appriciates what I do! Love your cards too, you could really give me some pro-marker advice by the look of it! I am really rubbish with them, cant seem to get to grips withthem at all! And I have another 38 coming in the post, so I HAVE to justify buying them soon! Loads of snow here too, pain in the bum just before yule! I still have shopping to do! Anyway have a good un & hope you family get there safe & sound!