Thursday, 5 July 2018

Sorry its been a while

Well my posting every three days took a bit of a nose dive didn't it (pun intended) lol. I think I might need to explain why, its not a long post but I understand if you want to avoid it.

I have been scheduling my posts in advance for a while now, I pepper this with newer stuff as well but a lot of my stuff is made a few months in advance and I don't want the recipient seeing it so I try to wait until after their birthday. This also helps if there are any emergencies and I need to be out of the crafty loop for a while and one such emergency happened recently.

Long time readers to my blog will remember that about six years ago I had a bad fall and broke a few things including my nose, well guess who did it again....six years to the day in fact and at the same location. You just can't make this stuff up. It was very painful and as I couldn't wear my glasses it made crafting a bit difficult. I am all mended now but I am on catch up with my makes and consequently my blog schedule.

Of course there has to be a silver lining, when I broke my nose last time it wasn't straight afterwards and sort of veered to the right a little, this time i hit it in the opposite direction and now have a perfectly straight nose with a little bump where its still a bit swollen.

When I was explaining it was broken my friends were saying but its straight and I replied well it wasn't before lol.

So I am hoping this will be my last blip for a while.....maybe even six years.

If you read all this, wow you deserve a medal and thank you xx


Kathyk said...

Good to see you matey .... what a stroke of luck that (if you HAD to break your nose) you broke it the opposite way - saves on corrective surgery!! Hope it's soon all healed up and looking smart.

See you next week


Love to Doodle! said...

Oh my goodness Amanda! Glad to hear you’re on the mend and that it could even have made things better for you. Best to be positive. Not that we should look that far ahead, but I suggest you go a different route in 6 years time, or maybe book a holiday :).

Big hugs....and I’ve just sent you some freebies to play with. Sally-Ann xx (fab creations with these from Jules on Facebook)

Aileen said...

Well I hope your feeling all better sweetie and I look forward to seeing your cards again soon. Take care.

Di said...

Oh Amanda! I remember the first incident so well. Poor you - but as others have said, at least you broke it the opposite way! I bet you had panda eyes as well?!

Take care - and take it slow!!

Love and hugs

Di xx