Friday, 30 July 2010

Thank Crunchie its Friday

No card to show today but as I promised myself I would post everyday here is a quick post about pearls lol. I love pearls on a card and have tried several different types including flatback and adhesive and adhesive wins everytime for me. I know that the flatback are considerably cheaper and this means I could have more but try as I might I can never get them exactly where I want them on a card. Have tried glue dots, stuck to my finger and pearl disappeared never to be seen again, xyron stuck to me and I left the house with pearls on my trousers, tape glue around the pearl so that dirt stuck to it, the list is endless and everytime I try I end up reaching for the adhesive ones lol. I would appreciate any tips you have as I hate to not use something so pretty just cos I am clumsy. It amazes me that I don't have the same trouble with the flatback gems maybe it is cos they have a face you can sort of grip.

Tata for now

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