Tuesday, 3 August 2010

August - Autumn starts

Had a fairly weird conversation today in work, we were talking about the weather like you do all the time in the UK when one of the gang said can't believe it will soon be Christmas, and we all nodded and said Autumn came really fast this year lol. Then the youngest member f the gang said it is only August isn't it and we all looked shocked, it is because I want to swap my sandals for my boots or because it is constantly raining that we bypassed summer altogether and went straight to Autumn. Maybe for me it is all the Christmas cards I keep seeing when I am blog hopping. I still look at my planner I made in January we all know the one, where I was going to make at least one christmas card a week so that I wouldn't be rushing on Christmas eve, so I hear you ask how many have I made, well exactly one lol. Still on the bright side it is only August and not October like it feels.

Ta ta for now.

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