Friday, 31 May 2013

Back from Florida and Stash Videos

Hello all, it has been a strange few weeks, first I spent two weeks in Israel and now I have just come back from two weeks in Florida, I just wish I had brought the sunshine with me.

I filmed a few ok a lot of stash videos but tried this time to use my camera rather than the iPad but this proved problematic with importing and editing as I only have my iPad with me and hubbie is addicted to his lappy.

I will hopefully get the videos edited and uploaded shortly, I did decide to not buy as much but somehow that got lost in translation lol.


kay said...

Well Amanda fancy having two holidays as that's greedy lol. Kick hubby of laptop ASAP as I am having withdrawal from your stash videos :-)
Looking forward to seeing your goodies and you next Sunday x

Cards by Alison said...

Two holidays you have made me so jealous I have to wait until September for mine. Hope you have fun crafting with your stash. Love Alison xx