Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hubbie's Hobby

Morning all, I thought I would show you what hubbie gets upto when I am in my craftroom. I spend quite a bit of time in my craftroom and as his main hobby is pottery but he didn't have anywhere to do this properly he decided he needed to find something else.

He bought a 3d printer kit and build the printer himself and has been merrily printing, calibrating, learning and printing things for a while now.

I saw this model on "thingyverse" and when I came home from work he was waiting on my craft desk. Isn't he adorable, his propeller even turns.

Hubbie has suggested converting our garage into a hobby room, with 2 thirds for me and a third for him and his printer so that when we are both concentrating on our hobbies we can still chat, just need to work out where all the stuff currently in the garage is going to go.


Di said...

If you can, go for the garage idea Amanda. My craft room is very close to the study and although we're not in the very same room we do hop to and fro chatting a lot - would be even easier for you. Love the wee model, so cute!

Hugs, Di xx

Mary J said...

Go for it, Amanda! I've converted one of our bedrooms as hubby was fed up with me using the dining table!

You asked about the size of those little fairies on my card today - they are small! The jumping fairy is 3.5cm high and the waving fairy is 5cm - dinky!!

Victoria said...

The garage plan sounds like a great idea! My husband and I miss not being in the same room when we're having hobby time, so much so he often carts half his stuff down onto the dining table!

Tina said...

Go for the garage plan Amanda, really good idea. I have about 1/3 of our garage to store my stuff in but wish I had a craft room, I have to cart it into the dining room. One good thing, we do have an integral door. Tinaxx

Samantha Elliott said...

If you go for the garage option, make sure you draw the lines first!! Also, essential items, heating and cooling so you have all weathers covered. Otherwise, go for it. The best thing we ever did was turn the loft into my craft room though I do wish the ceiling was higher. Have fun planning!