Saturday, 2 July 2016

Creative Stamping Music No2 - Mixed Tapes

I just had to use this image from the magazine, it reminded me of my youth and the"mixed tapes" we gave our crushes and friends, yes my dear friends I grew up in the era of taping top of the pops on a sunday night, buying 12 inch discs for the pretty pictures and rats tails. For those of you not lucky enough to be a teenager in the eighties in the UK I will elaborate on the phenomenon that was rats tails, you let a small portion of your hair at the back be longer than the rest, your hair needed to be cropped to the neck otherwise it just looked like your hairdresser missed a bit lol. You cultivated the growth of said piece of hair and if you were able to you plaited it or put tiny little elastic bands in it. Mine grew to a fine length of over seven inches before it got the chop, I did miss it when it was gone but by then the next fad had appeared, although for the life of me I am at a loss to remember what it was, probably too traumatic to want to recall lol.

Anyway you didn't come here for an eighties history or her story lesson so on with the card, as you an probably see it was fairly easy, I matched the colours of the tapes to the papers, cut the paper to match the angle of the stripes and bish, bash, bosh its done.

Image and Sentiments: "creative stamper issue 31"
Paper: "cold avocado soup" Jellybean soup
Card: "blue canvas" Limetree Crafts
Dies: Blueprints 15 from MFT

Yellow - Y17, 15, 13
Blue - B39, 37, 34
Green - YG97, 95, 93, 01
Grey/Black - N9, 7, 5, 4, 2

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