Friday, 12 March 2010

Matching Coloured Gems

No card today, I have been making a few - last minute requests, so last minute I forgot to take a photo, oh well I hope the person likes them.

I have asked my mum to provide a list of all the cards she needs to the end of the year, I know there will be a few add ons but its only March and already she has added about ten to the list lol.

The last card I made needed gems or pearls to finish it but I had used my last black gems on the card before and I remembered someone saying they used their copics to colour the gems. So I dug out some clear gems and started playing. Wow oh wow it works brilliantly. They don't colour as deep as you may think but if you use the darkest colour pen they are perfect. I did try on pearls but the colour dried streaky so will try again and let you know. They work best on the clear but not arora gems, and they work especially well on the cheap ones so its a bargain as well.

Hope that you are all having a great week and remember its Friday, those of you old enough to remember may well say " Thank crunchie its Friday".

Will be back later with a card, ttfn.

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