Sunday, 17 July 2011

A New Craft Room - Almost


I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth but I have been otherwise engaged. After a couple of weeks in Florida I decided to repaint my craft room and it has been in pieces ever since lol. Whilst all my stash was in boxes I had loads of ides for cards and was a bit frustrated that I couldn't get to my stuff and when I finally finished putting it back together, yeah you guessed it my mojo decided it had to wait to long and went on strike lol.

I did manage to go to a craft show at Taunton and also Newbury but didn't really buy much at either. I did buy a spinner for my stickles at the Taunton show and must say I am very impressed with it. They had two sizes 18 and 36 and I decided to get the 18, I rang hubbie as I thought I had about 12 sets and he confirmed I actually had 22 so the 18 would be too small lol, even though in the picture I looks half empty.

You can just about see the deep raspberry colour behind the spinner this is the colour I eventually went with. I originally wanted a cream and chocolate colour scheme but after painting three of the walls cream the brown didn't look so much like it was an early morning trip to the local B&Q and a colour I wouldn't have normally picked but I must say I really like it, reminds me of red berry cooler from Costa.

I have also rearranged my wall cupboard and taken away lots of the little boxes as I found I never looked in them and placed my punches so that I can see them and hopefully use them more.

I even tidied the main cupboard, I couldn't believe how much stuff I had in there,when I emptied it into the dining room it seemed to fill it and it is twce the size, my room is now referred to as the tardis lol.

I wonder how long it will stay this tidy lol.

Thanks for looking


Wishcraft said...

I wondered why you'd not posted for a while. Your craft room looks fab - wonder how long it'll stay like that lol :o) Lisa x

coops said...

wow you craft room looks fab the colour you`ve painted the walls ;D

xx coops xx

Jules said...

Hi Amanda

What a fantastic room to work in .. .. I love the colours you have used and the gorgeous storage units you have.

My main storage space is a wardrobe with the doors taken off.

I hope you manage to find that wide angeled lens so we can see your snippets!! LOL!!!

Love Jules xx

kay said...

looking good amanda and i love the colour of the walls,x