Friday 27 July 2012

The roads will never be safe again

I thought I would start this post with a question, does anyone else buy stuff in anticipation of an event, like a wedding, passing a driving test etc or am I alone in this. You see I bought this Nit Wit kit a few months ago in fact when my cousin started driving as I knew that the confident, self assured young guy would pass his test first time and I would need to get a card made toot suite. I knew what I wanted to make and how I wanted it to look but I kept procrastinating until I find myself days after he has passed and the card finally made lol. So now do I get the wedding card I need for December made now as I have bought the right colour ribbon and stamp or do I wait until the night before....answers on a postcard please....

Image: Nit Wit "Beep Beep"
Papers: Nit Wit "Beep Beep"
Sentiment : Nit Wit "Beep Beep"
Cardstock: Snippet folder

Challenges: Snippet Playground
(just hope that as only the backing card was from the snippet folder I still qualify for my turn on the swings)


kay said...

hi amanda,yep i cant wait to get in that craft room properly,thanks for visiting me and your card is awesome,love the keyfob,x

Irene said...

Hi Amanda

Your card is BRILLIANT, I love it.

Doreen said...

Gorgeous card Amanda.

You asked what issue of Complete is issue 38 I subscribe so get it a little earlier but it should be in the shops

Hettie said...

Brilliant card there Amanda. Well done to your cousin.
As for your question, I would make the card sooner rather than later. In December there will be tooo many other things going on and the less stress the better!

Di said...

Super card Amanda! Just perfect for a new driver.

I'd recommend making the December cardnow - but who am I to say, I'm always Last Minute Annie in absolutely everything I do in life!

Have a super weekend! Di xx

coops said...

stunning card amanda.really fab design :D

xx coops xx

Victoria said...

As the wedding is in December and it tends to be a rather busy month, I'd say make it now and put it in a safe place. Then put on your blog where you safe place is so that when you forget, we can remind you!!! :)
This is a super kit of a driving test card - love that key and the seatbelt!

Mrs A. said...

I wrote my answer on the back of this card cos i couldn't find a postcard. Hugs Mrs a.

Sarn said...

Super card for the new driver.

Yeah . . .get the wedding card made on a nice sunny day BEFORE December xxx

Darnell said...

That is a fantastic card for your cousin, Amanda, late or not!

I agree with the other girls, make it now because December is always cray-cray. Put it with the wedding invite, maybe, wherever you've put that ...