Friday, 12 August 2016

New Craftroom

Well actually that should say  - new craft room almost lol.

A few months ago we decided that my room just wasn't working for me, I had too much stuff, not enough space and I was so disorganised, it didn't seem to matter what system I put in place I was struggling with furniture I inherited with the room that was just too big. So my lovely hubby said lets look at it and see what we could put in there, he designed the space to allow two large desks, a bookcase and three under desk cupboards. My job was to pare down the number of supplies I was going to put back in, stuff I haven't used in years, stuff I bought when I first started and have never used all needed to find new homes, luckily for me I attend two fabulous craft sessions and both have fairly new crafters in them so I was able to find good homes for my unloved stash.

There will be more to get rid of and as most of the stuff left is stamps I might set up a page on here to sell them. I say that with conviction but my hoarding tendencies might get the better of me.

Anyway enough waffle you didn't come here for the conversation you came for the pictures, I apologise that the before pictures are from a while ago I was too embarrassed to show the right before ones.

I inherited my room in 2010, just as I started blogging and I was a digi stamper only, my stamp obsession didn't start until I attended the Bristol Playday lol.

The next pictures are from 2012 when I painted the room and moved a few things around, it worked for a while but not long.

So if you have made it this far I applaud you lol and as your reward here are the pictures of my craft room as it is now. I have been in this new layout for about three months and I think I have made more cards just for fun than ever before. I can't believe what a difference it has made and it is also the only room in the house that is tidy lol.

The wall under the window, where I had originally hoped to create now houses my machines and lots of supplies.

The bookcase is behind my chair and although there isn't much room I am able to grab a basket and pop it onto my desk as I am crafting and then pop it back once I've finished. This has helped me keep it tidy more than I could have hoped.

My desk has to be clean every night, the green must be clean is the motto. I was a very messy crafter previously and it tended to sap my mojo so this unwritten rule is one I strictly adhere to and one I hope will continue for many years to come.

My copics are close to hand as are my cutters and my most used crafty tools. My mini reisenthel basket (from lidl kids section years ago) houses my spare copic card and a few bits and bobs.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my new room, I am loving it and I feel so much more creative now. Everything is accessible and easy to put away afterwards, I would never have believed anyone if they said my craft room would be the tidiest room in the house lol.

Thank you for looking x

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