Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Darcie Polar Bear

I was just leaving a store in Florida when I spotted new stock waiting to go out and this uber cute polar bear just begged to be brought home with me, there is also a yeti (hence the sets name) which I have also coloured and am in the process of making into an almost identical card ( look out for that soon).

I have used a similar cover up die a lot recently so I knew that I had to get the other version too, unusually for me I have used it already, normally I wait until Ive had an item at least six months before I use it lol.

Image: "yeti to party " Darcie
Sentiment: creative stamper issue
Dies: "diagonal stripe cover up" from MFT

Bear - W2, 1, 0
Coffee cup - R89, 39, 37, E34, 31, N2, 0
Jumper - R89, 39, 37, B26, 24, 23, 21
Scarf - R89, 39, 37, B26, 24, 23

Red Stripe - R39
Blue Stripe - B23

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