Saturday, 13 February 2010

Copic Dilema Update

Thought I would update you all on my copic dilema. I ordered E000 and E0000. I have used both and they definitely make the skin tones easier. I have decided based on my experience with the new pens that I will order the new very pale pastels on payday or sooner if hubbie is going to pay. The added benefit is they are in a set of 12 and come with a storage holder. I keep telling myself they will make shading easier as I can start with a paler shade but I think they look kinda pretty in the box hehe.
I have just visited the site and whilst preparing my basket I noticed a few other colours that would compliment my ciao is a slippery slope indeed.

Updated: I bought my single colours from Cult Pens but intend to buy the larger set from The Glitterpot.


Sarah said...

Glad it's not just me didn't like the skintones, I'm still using my Promarker ones.
Where did you get them please? Sarah

Sarah said...

Thanks for that, Glitter Pot haven't got E000 and E0000 in stock. Sarah x