Thursday, 11 February 2010

Copic Dilema

I purchased set A of the copic ciao and loved them so much I got set B just before Christmas, so what's the dilema I hear you say well I bought two sketch markers for skin colours that aren't available as ciao and I can already feel the need to complete the set taking over. As the ciao's came as sets they were already in storage boxes but these two lonely sketch markers don't have a home, should I buy a storage box like the ciao ones to store them in or will I be tempting fate and have to fill the box with the sketch markers. Have only used them once each so far and they do feel very different, it is easier to identify the end you want to use as the chisel end doesn't have a grey strip, but are they worth twice the price of a ciao. When I tried to discuss with hubbie I got that vacant zoned out look, so I am looking for some reassurance that I am not mad and that these things do truly matter, lol.

I just read him this post and he said "Do you want me to buy you some markers" men you just never know what they are thinking.


Marlene said...

Good luck. I've been sucked in by the COPIC craze. I thought I'd start out with 8 markers or so...figured that would be more than enough. Now I'm up to almost 100. Someone stop me.

Sarah said...

Like you I bought set A and loved them so much bought Set B shortly after, little does my hubby know how much they cost! I am debating at the moment whether to sell my Promarkers or at least some of them. Surely I don't need two sets of "felt tips" lol. I do want the E000 as I find E00 too dark. Is that one that you have?


Viv said...

I'm hooked too! I have both ciao sets, but REALLY wanted the sketch markers. I gave myself a reality check though. I use the markers to make a card. NOT a masterpiece for the Tate Gallery.
Sketch are the best, but Ciaos are more than adequate for colouring in a stamped image.
I do though, have one Sketch marker....E000.
Like you, I thought this was a good investment. I MAY buy an odd red too, as the ones in the Ciao sets are a bit too pale for the most part and I want deep reds. Other than that, unless I turn into Leonardo Da Vinci, I'll keep my money and stick with the ciaos. Any help? Nah, thought not. LOL
Viv xx

Viv xx